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Lessons, Lessons, and Lessons.

Nowadays, you can find just about anything on the internet, even golf tutorials. But, as we all know, tutorials can only teach you so much. Actual time on the green with a PGA certified golf instructor will allow you to up your skill level. In fact, it’s the single best way to improve your game. According to, “a PGA Professional is uniquely skilled at evaluating your game and can help you hit the ball longer and straighter, play better on and around the greens, improve your course management skills and make sure your equipment fits you properly.“

Here at White Pines, our PGA Professional, Andrew Godfrey, will do just that. Andrew has 10 years of coaching experience with all skills levels from collegiate players to students and adults just picking up a club for the first time. Starting this March, we will be offering you an opportunity to up your game with the help and guidance of Andrew. We will have a variety of lessons to choose from. Everything from beginner lessons to advance lessons. No matter what your age is or skill level, we are here to improve your golf experience. Check out our lineup of lessons by clicking here.


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