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White Pines Golf Club opens gaming room at 37 Bar & Grill

Bensenville, Ill. (May 15, 2024)—Bensenville Park District Board President Rich Johnson and fellow commissioners Valerie Karg, Jay Snyder, Nancy Gibbs and Christopher Hernandez joined park district and White Pines Golf Club staff and local residents to open a new video amusements facility within the club’s 37 Bar & Grill at a 3:30 p.m. ribbon-cutting ceremony Wednesday, May 15, at 500 W. Jefferson in Bensenville.

The gaming area, located in the room between the Pro Shop and 37 Bar & Grill, contains six video gaming terminals in partnership with Gold Rush Gaming. Established in 2012, Gold Rush is one of the most respected and sought out terminal operators in Illinois with more than 725 locations statewide.

“This is a tremendous opportunity to enhance White Pines and 37 Bar & Grill as a year-round destination while positively impacting youths in our community,” says Bensenville Park District Executive Director Joe Vallez. “Proceeds from video gaming terminals will go to the Friends of Bensenville Parks Foundation for use in funding scholarships and Bensenville Park District youth programs, including youth golf programs and free food in conjunction with our family golf night series.”

The 37 Bar & Grill is open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. during the golf season, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, and has traditionally operated with reduced hours in the fall and winter months. The gaming area will be open during those same hours.

“The new terminals provide another reason to visit White Pines outside of golf season and also offers another attraction for patrons to enjoy around after their golf game,” adds Bensenville Park District Board President Rich Johnson. “White Pines is and will remain a family golfing facility, with family-friendly events such as the Jim Geils Family Golf Nights, which take place the third Sunday of each month from May through September, and family movie nights such as the drive-in movie showing of ‘Space Jam’ on May 18 and ‘A Million Miles Away’ on September 20.”

In summer 2022, the park district board voted to reinvest in the White Pines Golf Club, and since then, the club has made improvements to the Pavilion at White Pines, banquet facility, restrooms and now 37 Bar & Grill. Further upgrades to the course are planned, including new cart paths and indoor golf simulators.